CAD Modelling

CAD Modelling

When the idea is ready, we offer CAD Modelling services to bring the idea towards reality. We model the product according to the specific materials wanted, the intended finish and the recommended production method. By doing so, we can guarantee a finished product that is realizable.


cad models

When ideas have been chosen, we can turn sketches into 3d models through use of cad modelling. We commonly use Solidworks to design the different parts of the final product.

Combining CAD modelling with 3D printing also gives us the option to quickly prototype and assess the model. Resulting in better end models.



We can alter models depending on the type of material that will be used to improve on strength and durability. By optimizing models for a specific material, costs can be lowered.

We have experience with all material types and are able to apply these materials to your product ideas.


design for manufacturing

The final element of the cad modelling process is the optimization for the manufacturing process. We determine the optimal manufacturing process and subsequent material alteration based on the expected production series and intended look and feel of the product.

We have experience and vast knowledge of all different production techniques and are able to guide you to the perfect option