APS LED Design

APS Led Lamp

A high efficiency LED lamp with a controllable spectrum output for maximum color effect.


The origin

The APS LED originates from the notion that light can be influenced as electrical waves by electrons making all kinds of lights possible without loosing its efficiency and having energyloss. 

Relative Spetral output APS LED

Relative Spetral output APS LED

High efficiency spectrum

The APS LED uses project-specific filters and adjustments to deliver high efficency spectral outputs. The ability to control the output of the APS LED, gives the user the option to optimize plant growth and decrease failure ratings. Spectral outputs can be altered depending on type of plant and in consultation with Progresso Technology

APS LED with supplied powersupply

APS LED with supplied powersupply

Modular system

The APS LED uses a modular system in which the power-supply is kept separate from the LED to ensure a custom fitted electronic scheme. Every plant growing facility is different and the APS LED binds in with this by giving consumers the option to place the power-supply wherever he/she wants.

Interested in how APS LED by Progresso Technology can be applied in your case, please contact us and we will personely give a solutions and quotation for your specific situation.