Microsoft Design

Microsoft Xbox

The design project for a next generation Xbox. Identifying a strong vision for the gaming community and applying that vision to a new console, controller and OS. The end result was a strong, gaming focused system with durability adjustments to existing designs. 

White Clean System.jpg

The complete package

The system consists of a redesigned Xbox controller and a new console. The controller has been improved on the bases of play-ability and durability, where the console has the latest hardware and a smart cooling system for a silenced heat regulation. The overall system can be customized with the use of LEDs. 


The new controller

Starting with the bases of the existing controller, the new controller has been widened to fit a touch screen, which replaces the home and menu buttons. Controller settings are directly adjusted from the screen. Added to the new functionality, the controller uses a modern impact material to lengthen the durability and safeguard the electronics. 

a new generation

With project Scorpio and the newly announced Xbox one X, a step towards a new dedicated gaming system is made. The first focus of the console needs to be gaming and therefor the console uses the newest graphical and computational hardware. Combined with a silent dedicated set of fans and the removal of big blocks such as the disk drive and hard drive (replaced with a SD card), the complete console can be further reduced in size.